The Emotion Intelligence Bundle

The Raise A Resilient Child Manual Series

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  • Discover why emotional regulation is the key to a child's success in life
  • Top 3 ways to avoid meltdowns
  • How to stay calm a child during epic tantrums
  • How to teach kids self-regulation during tantrums
  • Top 12 ways to teach kids emotion intelligence
  • Secret strategy to parental self-care

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Pamela Li

Pamela is a mother, wife, bestselling author, and the Editor-in-Chief of She helps parents create happy and healthy homes that allow children to develop their brains optimally and reach their full potentials. She also helps parents who’ve had traumatic childhood break the cycle and do it differently with their own kids.

Parenting for Brain serves over 2 million visitors per year, and have content referenced by over 20 universities and governments worldwide.

Pamela’s science-based parenting advice has also been featured in HuffPost, Apple News, Yahoo! News, The Mercury News and Fatherly. She has been named Quora Top Writer three years in a row.

Pamela is a McGill-trained electrical engineer and has received master’s degrees from Stanford University and Harvard University.

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These books' strategies work best with preschoolers and elementary school aged children.

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