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A Stress-Free Way To Support Your Child's Online Learning


I went from being a lazy third-grader who lied and skipped homework to a very self-motivated student who received three degrees from top universities, including Harvard and Stanford.

Now I apply the same parenting strategy my mother used to my third-grader and distance learning has been a breeze.

But I know it hasn't been the case for a lot of parents.

The pandemic and distance learning has been a nightmare for many...

You sacrifice and stay home to make sure your child goes to their zoom meetings.

Yet, your kid refuses to pay attention in class.

They play video games and watch YouTube.

They miss homework and even lie about it.

So you removed their iPad, cellphone and video games.

 You take away their privileges and assign additional chores.

Nothing works.

Everyday is a struggle and you're at your wits' end.

But what if...

You don't need to sit right next to your kid to ensure they log on during class?

You don't need to check their homework every night?

This is possible because...

All you need is a self-motivated kid who wants to learn.

And they will take care of all the learning by themselves.

A "lazy child' isn't really lazy. They are just unmotivated.

The problem is making them suffer through punishment cannot motivate properly.

It's not your fault!

We've never been taught the right way to motivate children.

All we hear from parenting experts are setting limits, giving consequence or using positive reinforcement (aka bribing).

None of these will generate the right kind of motivation.


Self-Motivated Distance Learner

A Stress-free Way To Support Your Child's Online Learning

What's in this online course:

  • Top 3 right ways to motivate kids to learn
  • How to avoid the biggest demotivator
  • Motivate your child for long-term success

You'll also get these 2 BONUSES

#1: How Parents Can Support Kids in the New Normal

How to help kids adjust to the new normal

#2: How to Set Up the Distance Learning Environment

Provide an environment for independent learning

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I'm a mom, wife, bestselling author and the Editor-in-Chief of Parenting for Brain. I help parents restore peace and happiness at homes, and kids reach their full potentials.

Parenting is a difficult, and sometimes lonely, journey. Distance learning is making it even harder. One of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to keeping peace at home is the kid's lack of motivation to learn.

After helping so many parents with their challenges, I've developed a science-based approach that'll help you quickly improve your kid's motivation in distance learning in a stress-free way!



Parenting for Brain serves over 2 million visitors per year, and my parenting advice has been referenced by over 20 universities and governments worldwide. My unconventional parenting strategies are not superficial quick fixes that you find everywhere on the Internet. They're based on proven science. They're also the same strategies my mother used to motivate me and my sister to pursue our education and career at top universities.

I look forward to seeing you inside!


B.Eng Honors, McGill University
MSEE, Stanford University
MBA, Harvard University

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for parents of school-aged children who are participating in distance learning.

Absolutely. Although every child is different, the strategies in this course are created based on experience and proven science.

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