How to Motivate Kids

when rules, consequences and rewards don't work

How to Motivate Kids

when rules, consequences and rewards don't work

"I went from skipping homework and failing classes to graduating from top colleges"

I used to be a parent’s nightmare.

I was a lazy third grader. I watched TV all day, skipped homework, and even lied about it.

But my mother taught me how to enjoy learning.

I eventually developed a passion for learningI became self-driven and went on to earn three degrees from top universities in the world.

Most parenting methods don't work because they change kids' behavior from the outside instead of motivating them from within.

External motivation doesn't help kids succeed in the long run.

Only internal motivation can.

So I developed a 4-step motivation strategy based on my mother's parenting and proven science, and it worked.

Our daughter has thrived on distance learning.

This strategy has also helped many parents deal with homeschooling during this difficult time:

"thank you for your fantastic advice about how to get my child to enjoy homework...

... this morning there was laughter and fun instead of tears. Your advice has made homeschooling much easier."

Nina - parent



How To Motivate Kids when rules, consequences and rewards don't work

Self-Motivated Learner

  • The 4-Step Strategy To Motivate Kids Internally
    without using rules, consequences, rewards, nagging or pleading
  • How To Effortlessly Get Your Child To Care About School
    so they will study hard and do homework without arguing
  • Avoid The #1 Mistake Parents Make
    when trying to motivate kids so your child can stay motivated to learn
  • Learn The Secrets To Instilling Self-Drive
    so your child can become a go-getter to achieve their goal


It worked. My daughter now actually likes learning and going to school.

Sukhi, parent

It's amazing how much easier it is to get my grandson to listen using this method.

Elisabeth, grandparent

I applied the motivation strategy with my son. What a huge difference in how he responds!

Rose, parent

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I'm a mom, wife, bestselling author and the Editor-in-Chief of Parenting For Brain, a parenting publication with more than 2.8M readership. I help parents raise thriving kids.


  • Your child completes homework on their own with no nagging, yelling or arguing.
  • You don't have to bribe your child to get good grades because they like  learning.
  • There is no power struggle. Your child listens without disrespectful attitude.
  • You can spend quality time connecting with your kid instead of battling with them every day

Did you know study shows that self-motivated students outperform unmotivated students by 34%?

Get in now to help your child reach their potential.




  • 4-Step motivation strategy
  • Disciplinary blueprint
  • Over 30+ videos and exercises
  • Self-paced online course

The Importance of Intrinsic Motivation

Whether your child is self-motivated to learn or not can mean the difference between getting into a good university or failing and dropping out of school. 



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This course is for parents and caregivers of school-aged children who lack motivation to study, from elementary school to high school.

Absolutely. Although every child is different, the strategies in this course are created based on experience and proven science, and can be adapted to kids of different temperaments.

The strategies in this course are based on proven science that increases motivation in human and should work for kids with different conditions. However, even with increased motivation, parents and caregivers will still need to work with corresponding professionals to address those medical concerns. This course does not provide medical advice.

This course teaches parents and caregivers how to motivate their children. If your child lacks motivation, you and your child will benefit from this course. However, motivation alone cannot overcome medical conditions. Your child will still need professional help to address those issues independently.

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